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The ONE kitchen gadget I can’t live without.

How does a busy mom-on-the-go feed the kids, discipline the pets, and manage the household all at once? Easy. All you need is a handy dandy large glass bowl like this:

What? You don’t see how a simple glass mixing bowl could possibly do all that? Well let me paint a picture for you, friends.

It’s 8:00 AM, and Bucket Head sits down to eat his freshly toasted store-brand waffle. At approximately 8:01, Bucket Head senses the call of the wild and runs to the loo, leaving his vulnerable waffle alone and afraid.

Ike the Terrible is lurking on the outskirts of the kitchen… patiently watching and waiting for this very moment.

Halfway there, and realizing the potential for loss, Bucket Head shouts: “Mom – protect my food! I gotta go potty.”

That’s my cue. I am the official protector of the food. But I’m also terribly busy checking my email. I can’t just idly sit there and keep the dog off the food while Bucket Head is dropping the Browns at the Super Bowl.

But with a quick flick of the wrist, I can turn this regular glass bowl into something we like to call The Dome of Doggie Dispair.

And voilá! The waffle is momentarily safe and warm, and I am free to go about my business while Bucket Head takes his time on the Sir Thomas Crapper.

Added bonus, The Dome is equally effective for dogs and cats.

Good thing too, because look who just pulled up a chair to the breakfast buffet. Check out that sweet little gray beard. She looks just like her Mama.

As always… lazy, but somewhat clever,


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  1. laura lee

    now to change my pj pants. great. thanks.

    (great pics by the way….. the lighting on that waffle is fantabulous.

  2. laura lee

    dropping the browns at the super bowl? i missed that the first time.
    back to the pj drawer…

  3. KC

    I do like the way the cat is giving you a look of despair…or is it exasperation…?

  4. Sendie-Lou

    Oh.. the look on your god and cat are priceless! “Feed me!!!” Funny!!!

    • Sendie-Lou

      I meant DOG!!! Oh my gosh.. speaking of bad speller!

      • The Bearded Iris

        Ha! I just thought you were one of those really serious dog lovers! You know, the kind that have the bumper sticker that says “Dog is God spelled backwards!” If I had a bumper sticker it would say “My dog ate your honor student.”

  5. Andrew D'Cuzzen

    Glass Bowl food/pet barricade: Brilliant! I am actually going to USE this handy tip. I’d also like to use the “save a snowball in your freezer tip”, but I can’t find anyone around here (in Los Angeles) who sells these “snowball” things. They look pretty awesome – where do you get ’em?

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