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The best, easiest, tastiest birthday cake EVER.

Did you hear it was my little guy’s birthday yesterday? You certainly did if you live anywhere within a 20 square mile radius of us, as Bucket Head told EVERYONE we met yesterday, “I the birthday boy. I four. Thanks Bob.” Purdy cute. He’s going through a phase where he calls everyone Bob. May all his phases be that entertaining.

Even Mini-Me, who is usually loathe to share any of the spotlight with either of her brothers, figured out that even though Bucket Head was the star of the day, cake and new toys for him equals cake and new toys for her. She ain’t no dummy.

"I four."

So look, let’s keep this brief. It’s Lent and I’m off the sauce, which pretty much sucks for both of us because all work and no play makes Iris a bit crankier than usual.

But it is Tuesday, and you know what that means… I have a tip to share with you!

Baking a birthday cake for each of your gazillions of children every time there is a birthday in the house can be a bit of a chore. Agreed? Especially if you are a spaz like me who tries to assuage an excessive amount of Mommy Guilt with over-the-top cakes at the 11th hour.

Breathe easy, Mommy friends. Courtesy of my friend Laura, I have the ace-of-cakes you need to be the hit of the party with a minimum amount of time or effort!

Introducing (drum roll please)….

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cake:

What, too plain, you say?


Aw, hell-to-the-yeah.

Two dozen Krispy Kremes, artfully arranged on a platter, and pimped out with a few Super Hero action figures on toothpicks. Any 4 year old boy’s dream come true. Plus, no utensils required. And no waiting for the cake to be cut and served. Just reach in and grab yourself some sugary love. Fabulous!

Happy baking! (I mean, buying!)


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  1. Megan


  2. lifecoachabby

    Ha ha. That is great. The action figures are a great touch.

  3. I'm So Fancy

    Even my vegan housekeeper could manage that one! Awesome!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Delegate away, Fancy Lady!

      Just checked the Krispy Kreme website… apparently there are animal byproducts in them thar doughnuts: eggs. Not sure if your vegan housekeeper will work with something that came out of a chicken’s hoo-ha, or not. But honey, this cake is so easy to throw together, I promise you won’t break a nail or a sweat.

  4. Kristen K.

    So- you’re just trying to be my best friend….

    When I turned 26 or something- my Mother in Law overnighted 2 dozen Krispy Kremes to me for my birthday. The most expensive, and delicious donuts I have ever had.
    (We don’t have Krispy Kreme in NH…but they have them in Cleveland, Ohio!)

    A Krispy Kreme cake would rock. Just keep that in mind next week… ; )

    • The Bearded Iris

      You have the BEST mother in law EVER. Can’t believe you don’t have Krispy Kreme! Girl, if I were you, I would look into buying one of those franchises, A-SAP. You’d be a gazillionaire.

      • Kristen K.

        We had them! However… Dunkin Donuts has such a hold on New England that they drove KK right the hell out of the area. Also- that assface Dr.Atkins ruined it for everyone… Carbs are the enemy…bullshitbullshitbullshit.

  5. Kris

    I love this! My kids have also had many last minute cakes. The most popular being the McDonald’s birthday cake for $5..and you can usually just go through the drive thru to get it.

  6. Boobies

    That officially rocks! My own 4 year old just saw it and INSISTS that it be someone’s birthday!

  7. laura lee

    oh wow!!! I am honored! Mini me’s bday party was so fun. I still feel bad I messed up a lot of your pictures trying to block out the flash. Remember the cabbage section celebration when Buckethead turned 2?

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