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I’m sure I’ll regret this…

Yesterday I published my favorite raw kale salad recipe and casually mentioned my preferred method for drying freshly washed kale.

What happened next is this:

I had to Google the Spin n’ Stor thing…. it even had a video…. If that’s not the most redneck thing I’ve ever seen….. I totally have to look for one now….  -Sue

Which led to me saying this:

I actually had my techno-son, Nature Boy, video me using the Spin n’ Stor yesterday and then I decided not to include it in the post. But now that I’ve seen their corporate marketing video, I’m going to have to put mine out there. First of all, her technique is all wrong… -Iris

(You can see the full conversation in yesterday’s comments.)

And so here I am, publishing my first YouTube video. I’m sure I’ll regret this, but what the hell. It won’t be the first time I’ve said “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

This is not a paid endorsement. I just happen to love my Spin n’ Stor® and wanted to show you how much fun I have drying my green leafy vegetables.

Don’t hate me because I’m so glamorous, okay?  Hate me because of my awesome dance moves.

Enthusiastically yours,


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  1. laura lee

    i’m so confused by their video. she has all that good looking produce on her counter and the salad she’s spinning is clearly a prewashed bagged one? loved your video.
    i think the spin and store should buy you a motor home.

  2. Kristen K.

    That just made my Friday morning so much better. Shake shake shake…shake your kale.

    Thank you Iris!

  3. allysgrandma

    I love you…..

  4. Megan

    That beats the hell out of a salad spinner and a little exercise in the process. My only youtube video is of my daughter’s kindergarten dancing to Thriller. Yeah, I said Thriller.
    All last year she was saying stuff like ” I need to practice my “World of Death move”!
    We still prompt her to do “World of Death” for our own personal entertainment.

  5. Alexandra

    Thank you for making my morning! The video left me smiling and wondering if this is the next big exercise trend.

  6. Anne

    I expect all the morning show appearance offers to come flooding through your email Iris. Just fabulous. Who would’ve thought kale could be shaken (and stored) so well? (Don’t ya just love how kids come and dance with you when you’re goofing around? Mine are always trying to outdo me! LOL)

  7. Kate Takes 5

    I was just waiting for you to slap one of the kids in the face with it. How could you have thought not to include that first time around? Hilarious!

  8. Sue

    You’re the best fun…… EHHHHVVVVAAAA! How come you don’t live around the corner from me?….. Dang…… Your video is way better than the original one….. Thanks for the new dance moves….

  9. kristen

    their professional video has nothing on yours! and the salad in hers? um, it looks brown. ick.

  10. Joanne

    I just had to check out the Spin n’ Store video that the manufacturer provided for a comparison. They need to retire that frump in the original and do an updated remake with you and the family! After all, the family that spins and shakes together… You may just be famous besides your wit, for something yet!

  11. Joanne

    Ok. I happen to think you are hilarious and I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is. I just decided to e mail the Spin n’ Store people and tell them they need to re-do their video with you! I included a link to your blog and your video. You can thank me profusely with a modest % from your royalties once you secure a contract. No joke. Diamonds will be fine too.

  12. Deanne

    Oh, I love it! Definitely looks like fun! 🙂 Good music choice too, my friend! You crazy zany lady! 🙂

  13. allysgrandma

    oh crap Joann why didn’t I think of that. I already offered to manage her book deal1

  14. Joanne

    Hello allysgrandma via Iris’s blog:
    Great minds think alike! Why don’t we hijack this blog and turn it into a project to get Iris a contract with the Spin n’ Stor people? ! ! ! ( I got dibs on the biggest ‘diamond’- after all, this was my brain child. ) OK EVERYBODY! Go onto the Spin n’ Stor site and look for the ‘contact us’ link and tell them you love Iris too!

  15. This Mid 30s Life

    Oh my god. Oh my god. I think I just died from laughing.
    Even without sound on my computer, that was brilliant. Brilliant!!
    PS: Food always tastes better when it was made while dancing.

  16. Jellyhead

    Iris, you are my hero. May you go far and spread your words wide. Off to email Spin ‘n Store!

  17. Mimms

    That is the most fun I have ever seen someone have making salad. Awesome Iris!

  18. MikeP

    That’ll do it. Domestic genius.

    This is what me and my boy sing as we leave public bathrooms. As he has an aversion (avoision? Or is that just a Kent Brockman word?) to hand dryers and their noise, he shakes dry instead. You can imagine the looks we get. Especially when “booty” is sung in a Scottish accent.

  19. Gibby

    This video is PHENOMENAL!! I am laughing so hard. With you, not AT you, of course…

  20. FiveOGrrl

    I actually met KC and he looks as haggard as that kale. pfffft.

    • The Bearded Iris

      Oh I bet! You know that man is as wrung out as an old sponge. But he sure could shake that money maker back in the day, huh?!

  21. Dominique Rose

    OMG! I totally do this with a pink silicone colander and a bath towell! I put my lettuce in the collander, fold it in a towell and spin spin spin! My dogs think I’m nuts!
    I know this is an old post . . . but I’m stalking your blog waiting ever so patiently (NOT) for you to announce that I won CRAFT WHORES!
    My mom also used to do a similar (but totally different) thing . . . she would smack a comb, teeth-side-down, accross her knuckles – then spin spin spin – and little droplets of blood would appear on her knuckles. I musta seen that trick eleventeen million times, never got old. We didn’t have a TV

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