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Oh brother!

Blogging icon, The Pioneer Woman, posted a photography assignment/contest last week titled: Brothers! And guess what? My BFF Laura submitted a photo!

Isn’t that an awesome shot? The faces just kill me. Such joy! And the colors… and the water action… the whole enchilada, really.

Guess what else. The Pioneer Woman picked this very photo to include in her post, YOUR Brother Photos: Group 3! That alone is pretty darn special, because you know she must have had THOUSANDS of entries.

But wait, there’s more. After handpicking and displaying five groups of brother photos, she posted a set of finalists. And guess what. Laura is one of them!!!

I sure am happy for her! I believe The Pioneer Woman is announcing the winner today (Sunday), so good luck Laura!! I’m pulling for you, girl. (If you like this photo as much as I do, go tell The Pioneer Woman! Maybe we can influence her decision!)

By the way, Laura is the only photographer I will let anywhere NEAR my family or myself. I love her THAT much. And yes, she is the artist behind all the good shots on this here blog. For instance, here’s a picture I took of myself (with the self timer on my camera):

And here is a picture that Laura took of me:

Need I say more?

You can see more of Laura’s work on her blog. Check her out! She’s amazingly talented.

Not only is Laura a great photographer, but she’s a great friend too. Here’s a picture of us at Mini-Me’s 7th birthday party:

It was a “mock slumber party” theme and she arrived at my house carrying two dozen hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts and wearing pink footie pa-jay-jays. That’s one dedicated friend, let me tell you.

She also brought this big empty picture frame and used it as a prop to take pictures of Mini-Me with all of her guests so that we’d have cute pictures for custom thank you notes. Totally her idea. I mean really, how cool is that?

So this whole contest thing got me thinking about my kids and how lucky they are to have each other. Especially how lucky they are to have Nature Boy as their big brother. He’s such a love.

If I were to enter a photo in a brothers contest, this is the photo I would have picked:

I took it yesterday at Mini-Me’s softball game. I like how you can see Nature Boy in the reflection of the sunglasses, smiling at his little brother who was totally hogging the juice.

Or maybe I would have picked this one:

So sweet!

Or maybe this one:

Always entertaining his siblings.

Or this one:

…just melts a mama’s heart.

Or how ’bout this one:

I mean really. Every little girl should have a first dance like this.

Or this one:



But probably not this one:

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

(Especially the mother who created this vignette and then photographed it. Nice.)

Anyhoooo. Wishing you lots of brotherly love, today and everyday. And good luck, Laura!

your friend,


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  1. Allysgrandma

    Why am I always shedding tears when I read your posts, either because I am laughing hysterically or I am so touched……I must have PMS today….That’s always my excuse.

    PS My YD is a photographer and actually was one of the top 5 of one of Pioneer Woman’s contests, but I cannot remember which one…oh wait..was it the wedding…I don’t know, anyway here is her web site:

    • The Bearded Iris

      Aw shucks, girl. I must have PMS today too. Perhaps reading the same blogs puts us on the same cycle like college roommates?! Very cool about your YD and Pioneer Woman. Your daughter must be very talented because PW doesn’t pick schmucks.

  2. Erin

    Awww, great pics!!!!

  3. This Mid 30s Life

    Love these photos, isn’t we great we live in an age where we can take all the photos we want? I swear there are about 2 photos of me as a baby. Yeah. Two. Third child and all that…

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