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Cereal killer.

Oh my GAWD… it’s like lookin’ in a mirror.

Only in my house, I’m the nasty morning person and my husband is the bright-eyed conversationalist. Most days I take my coffee and hide out in a different room until I’m caffeinated enough to function.

This is one of those days.

But I have to tell you real quick that I’m taking a few days off. Mini-Me and I are going on our first ever Girls’ Weekend! Really looking forward to blowing this sweltering popsicle stand for a few days and catching up with some hometown family and friends. I predict pedicures in our near future!

Come on back next week and we’ll catch up!




  1. Rebekah

    Hope you and Mini have a terrific time!

  2. Suzanne Lucero

    Have fun, but if you go to a full-service beauty salon for your pedicures, skip the bikini wax. 😉

  3. Kate Y

    Have fun! I just have to comment that I overheard my kids imitating me the other day, “Be quiet and go to your rooms… I’m drinking my coffee! I haven’t had enough coffee yet…” That’s really accurate. I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve become one cranky bitch in the a.m. (usually just in the a.m…. sometimes in the p.m., too).

  4. Allysgrandma

    Have a fabulous time with Mini-Me. It’s never too early to start teaching your daughters that “beauty is pain”. Is she too young to have her eybrows done? That was one of my mantras as the girls were growing up along with “nerds make the best husbands”.

  5. Alison@Mama Wants This

    Have fun!

  6. jenny

    Enjoy your time off. I have 3 boys and often wish there was one girl thrown into the mix so I could teach her – and remind myself – of the importance of girl time!!

  7. Ronda Joseph

    OMG!! I LOVE your blog! I get up with my husband every morning but like you, I’m not a conversationalist until I’ve had enough coffee! My husband is the bright-eyed raring to go morning guy. He will READ the news to me!! WTF?!?! He talks non-stop, blah, blah, blah… yada, yada, yada…. are you effin kidding me?! Can you STFU PUH-lease! I really don’t want to talk OR listen yet… *groan*

    Have a great girls weekend! =)

  8. bernie bickers

    pick me up some Mineos

  9. laura


  10. Anne @ Domesblissity

    Are you serious Iris? That is the exact morning routine at our house! I feed my kids like animals in the zoo and go outside to have my coffee in peace. I can’t deal with anything until I’ve had my coffee! How bizarre! (Although we’re probably not the only 2 women in the world that do that!)

    Have a great weekend away with your daughter and just ask her to leave the room if you decide to go Brazillian. You don’t want her traumatised with all that hair. You know what she did drawing hair under her arms and on her face. You don’t want her getting the permanent marker….well, you know where! LOL Have a great time! xx

  11. Jen Has A Pen

    Have an awesome time, Iris!!! I will be here when you get back!!! 🙂

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