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Carla’s Corn Casserole

Are you looking for a rich, buttery, holiday side dish that people will be talking about (in a good way) for years to come?

Well, look no further.

I have the world’s easiest, most scrumptious, stick to your ribs casserole right here.

It’s called Corn Casserole, not to be confused with Cornhole Casserole (Trish!), which is prison-speak for a damaged posterior region. So I’ve been told. {Ahem.}

My first exposure to Corn Casserole came at a school pot-luck holiday feast about 8 years ago. It was so good, I asked around to find out who had brought it, and then sent that lady an email which went a little something like this:

“Hello. My name is Iris. I’m new here and your Corn Casserole rocked my world. I know you don’t know me, but would you please share your recipe? I promise I’ll never bring this dish to an event where you will be. Nor will I do like my MIL and bastardize your recipe beyond all recognition and then say, ‘Oh, It’s Carla’s recipe!’ If you have it in your heart to share, I vow to always follow your recipe to the letter and to give you credit until the day I die. Please. I’m a good person. Let’s be friends.”

Miraculously, Carla didn’t call for a psych consult. Instead, she emailed me her family recipe. Who says southern hospitality is dead? (I do. But this is an exception.)

Here is Carla’s recipe. Respect it. It’s perfect the way it is.

I know my BFF Tammy is going to throw in a cup or two of cheddar cheese as soon as she gets her paws on this recipe because she seems to enjoy constipating her son and then sending him to my house to clog my toilet as a joke. But I’m here to tell Tammy you that sometimes less is more. Carla’s Corn Casserole is one of those times.

Also, word of warning, pay attention when you’re in the baking aisle at the grocery store. The Jiffy corn muffin mix looks almost exactly like the Jiffy biscuit mix. I’ve made this mistake before and it just isn’t as good. Moral of the story, friends don’t let friends grocery shop drunk, m’kay.

Don't buy this one...

...buy THIS one.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 stick (aka: 1/2 C or 8 Tbs.) unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 can sweet corn, undrained (15 oz. can)
  • 1 can creamed corn (15 oz. can)
  • 1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix


  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Mix everything together in a large bowl.
  3. Transfer to lightly greased 9×13” baking dish.
  4. Bake uncovered, on middle rack, for one hour or until golden brown on top.

Can be baked ahead and reheated.  Cut into 2″ x 2″ squares and serve warm.

This casserole is not just for Thanksgiving. We also make it on New Year’s Day to go with our baked ham. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I do!

Oh, by the way, I don’t know anything about how to cook turkey. True story.

That’s The Gatekeeper’s job. And when it comes to turkey, I’m a “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of gal. I’m in charge of all the other food, decorations, and entertainment. More on that tomorrow.

But never fear! My friend Julie over at Mamamash.com has put together a fabulous litany of turkey dos and don’ts. Check it out. She knows her stuff, and her writing is divine.


Wishing you luck, serenity, and not too much family drama as you prepare for Thanksgiving this week!

Your friend,


© Copyright 2011, The Bearded Iris.


  1. Julie

    I love that corn casserole! My aunt used to make it but I never got the recipe from her. SCORE!

    Thanks for the mention too. Turkey for me and turkey for you, let’s eat turkey from a big brown shoe.

    • The Bearded Iris

      It’s kismet, my dear! You were meant to make that casserole!

      Love the turkey rhyme! I would totally eat your turkey from a big brown shoe. Wait…that didn’t sound right.

  2. Kate

    Oh, that sounds like something my kids would actually eat! Thanks!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Yes! My kids LOVE this. Even my picky first born who has texture issues gobbles this up and asks for seconds. It’s a crowd pleaser!

  3. Colleen

    We love that recipe here too. I think Paula Deen calls that recipe hers, but I don’t like that fake bitch, so I’ll call it Carla’s =) No offense to those who worship PD, but her tan is too much, her teeth are too damn fakey white and her smile is too forced! Three strikes from the neck up and that’s it for me. I don’t even want to jump on that hair of hers….

    • The Bearded Iris

      That’s okay Colleen, I do love her, but she puts CHEESE in her Corn Casserole, which is totally unnecessary. Paula and my BFF Tammy should go bowling. I just hope those bitches invite me. That would be more fun than a blender full of sea monkeys!

  4. Amy

    Yay! We have been making this for years! Good cold as leftovers too! PS Loe your blog – found it through a friend and it cracks me up every time!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Thanks Amy! I’m glad you are here and can vouch for the awesomeness of this dish!

  5. Pricilla - Famous SpokesGoat

    The publicist says, “2×2″ squares?! What are you feeding down there in Georgia?! Leprechauns?!” She says she would eat at least a 6×6″ square all by herself but she is a pig.

    Me, I am all about the corn but mostly the corn stalk. Burp

    • The Bearded Iris

      It is a skimpy portion, that is true. I’m so used to serving over 20 people, that I have to be stingy with my casserole! But for you, I’d definitely cut a 6×6″ square, AND give you seconds.

  6. FiveOGrrl

    I got a recipe for some jail hooch.

  7. FiveOGrrl

    One Bottle of Purel hand sanit-tah-zerh and any flavor of kool-aid. Mix well.

    • The Bearded Iris

      Dude, that is disgusting. (Tell me more.)

  8. Trish the Dish

    LOVE IT! Thanks for the shout out. I’ll keep your jail time on the DL…

    • The Bearded Iris

      ‘Preciate it, sister. Happy Gobble Day. I am grateful for you and your sense of humor!

  9. Jane

    great recipe! And I love the pic of The Gatekeeper smiling over his turkey-I cracked up!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Me too…so proud of his grilled turkey. Thanks Janey! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Ann

    I couldn’t possibly, anything with corn in it looks like vomit to me.

    I wouldn’t normally write something like that but I figure it’s tough to offend you based on many of your previous blog entries, and seriously, I say that with the utmost respect.

    Happy Thanksgiving Iris!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Then just close your eyes, silly! Worth it. Bet if I put pink booze in it you’d eat it and ask for seconds. Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha darlin’!!!

  11. muffintopmommy

    So I”m not the biggest creamy corn fan, but on the strength of your bad ass recommendation and the fact that it’s got sour cream in it (mmm, sour cream makes everything better), this Yankee might just try it! Muffin top be damned–calories don’t count on Turkey Day. *Gobble*

    • The Bearded Iris

      Listen honey, I wouldn’t touch Creamed Corn by itself with a ten foot pole. But mixed with all this other stuff? Amazing. Get out your elastic waist Merona loungewear. It’s holiday season.

      • muffintopmommy

        Great news, Iris! I’m here to tell you the Pneumonia Diet has hooked me up with a 7 lb weight loss right in time to get my piggy wiggy on over the holidays. The Merona loungewear is locked and loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the creamy goodness!

  12. Karen

    Hey Iris! I’m new to the blog & have to tell you I am loving it & sharing it w/my friends. Your entry on DIY hygiene was a hoot. As far as the corn casserole, it’s one of my favorites. Just reaffirms you’re all right in my book! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Hi Karen! Welcome aboard; glad to have you here! Thank you for the testimony about the Corn Casserole. It’s a winner! Just like the Magic Cream… 😉

  13. Mary

    This is my mom’s corn casserole recipe too. (Although, we’ve always called it Corn Pudding – apparently, just to confuse everyone involved, ya know?) She makes it every holiday and on occasion throughout the year. There was a time when there just might have been a fight (well, maybe an elbow throw) over the leftovers. Enjoy!!

  14. DentalDominatrix

    Of course, you think Southern hospitality is dead. You live in ATL. I spent almost 7 yrs in Memphis and almost lost hope for my Southern manners. If you venture out to the parts of the South that still only have one stop light– you will find that Southern hospitality still thrives. BTW, that casserole looks ah-mah-zing!!

  15. Didi

    thanks for the recipe! im playing the guest this year and had no idea what to contribute that would please the adults and kids alike. after reading your recipe, i vaguely recall grandma making this when i was young. delish!
    enjoy your holidays!

  16. Anne @ Domesblissity

    I love the sound of this casserole Iris but I wonder what I could use instead of that corn muffin mix here in Australia? I’d hate to bastardize the recipe!

    Happy Thanksiving my love!

    Anne xx

  17. Rootietoot

    Hey! I made this for Thanksgiving and didn’t even realize it til I looked here the next day! Amazing. Great minds think alike.

  18. Mads

    Hah! I just posted a very similar recipe on my blog. I think corn casserole should be celebrated across the globe year round. Nom!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Just checked out your recipe and it looks delish! Carla’s Corn Casserole is a beautifully simple dish, but I can totally see how adding onions and peppers would jazz it up nicely! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  19. Rebecca

    I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!

    • The Bearded Iris

      Thank you! I used to have one… but it disappeared. I will remedy immediately!

  20. Naps Happen

    We have a family corn casserole recipe that I got from my aunt’s sister in PA. It’s a little different (I’m curious to try yours) but involves mixing one can of regular corn with a can of creamed corn and then drowning it in a whisked mixture of whole milk, egg, a little bit of sugar, salt, pepper, and some flour. Then you bake it. I imagine it has a similar taste – everyone LOVES it, though!

  21. Sharri Boyett

    Iris, dahlin’,

    sometimes, I re-read the comments for fun – even more than the blog. what a bunch of hose-bags your friends are! I love ’em! Just the name DentalDominatrix makes me weep with laughter.

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