Holy CRAP – is it really December 20th? Where did this month go?

Well, the good news is that today is the last day you will have to endure my obnoxious vote whoring for Dobbie (#54), the infamous Inappropriate Elf contestant and highly skilled urinographer.

I’m feeling good about Dobbie’s chances today. He’s not in first place, but his magic yellow snow-writing pen has attracted a heck of a lot of votes and he’s right up there with some truly awesome entries. I may not be a talented photographer. I may not be trying to win that iPad2 for a worthy cause. Shoot, I may not even know where my children are at this very moment. But gosh darn it, I know inappropriate and I am a whiz (get it?…see what I did there?) with yellow embroidery floss, family heirlooms, and passive aggression.

So last chance, vote for Dobbie (#54). Contest ends at midnight tonight. Tell your friends.

Now if you’re like me and you’ve squandered the majority of Advent doing horrible, awful, unnatural things, in addition to Inappropriate Elfing, you might need some last minute gift ideas. I’ve got you covered; read my column In the Powder Room today.

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