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2011: A Bearded Year in Review

Is it over? Already? Good golly, Miss Molly…what a year!

Sure, there were a few boo-boos:






…and some rough times:






But we made some neat stuff:






…and a few really cool discoveries:






Of course, there were a few horrifying discoveries too:

oprah: the light within






And let’s not forget the awkward moments:






…inappropriate things:






…and over-sharing for which I appear to have a special gift:






And even though there were some failures:






I’d rather focus on the triumphs:






…treasure the celebrations:






…and bask in the love.






              “…the greatest of these is love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13


Happy New Year, friends.

Looking forward to sharing a 2012 filled with growth, love, and laughter with you.


© Copyright 2011-2012, The Bearded Iris.


  1. El

    Right back atcha, Iris 🙂

  2. Nikki Edgar

    Love it!

  3. NanaBread (Jeanne)

    I cannot wait to see what kind of shenanigans you get into for 2012. Although, looking back, it’s going to be tough to top the photos of BucketHead sniffing the Yorkie-In-A-Baby-Carrier’s junk. That stuff is just solid gold, man. Thanks for the laughs in 2011, Iris!

  4. Jane

    You too Iris!

  5. Kris the Colts fan

    Your blog helped me get through the toughest year of my life. Thank you for your humor, your perspective, your honesty, and your humanity. You keep it real and we all love you for it! Happy 2012 and here’s to renewed hope, restored faith, and inappropriate humor.

  6. Karen

    Looking forward to sharing laughter & blessings with you & your family Iris! Happy 2012!

  7. Pricilla - Famous SpokesGoat

    Happy New Year indeed.
    I think you were robbed in the elf contest…..

  8. Carrie

    I love it, love it, love it.

    My only regret is I didn’t find your blog sooner.

    And I’d like to say I regret seeing the poop with the green man in it. But I don’t. I love that. That is my kind of laughs!!

  9. Lara

    I love your year in review. We should all take time to look at the good, the bad, the ugly and what made us laugh. Thanks for the great blog!

  10. Kate Takes 5

    Lovely! Happy New Year!

  11. FiveOGrrl

    happy nude year. i hope that you got f*cked up like a pile of coat hangers.

  12. Robin

    Happy New Year Iris! You are hysterically fabulous! I have only been following you for about 6 months, (right after a friend of mine posted a blog you did on using hair removal cream for black men’s facial hair on your woo hoo parts) I was hooked! I just wanted to tell you that when I saw your icon for “tweet me on twitter” I about lost it! When I was a child my Mom called our private part a twitter, so naturally I carried on the same tradition. I have 2 daughters in their 20’s and another two ages 7 & 9 and we call their private part a twitter. But, NO one gets it and they think we are crazy. My older daughters tell their friends they will never do “twitter”, it’s just wrong! Thanks for shedding some light on it!! 🙂

  13. Allysgrandma

    Sniff, sniff….why do you always do this to me….

    We started out the year cleaning our back yard. We are hoping it carries into the house!

  14. Liza Martz

    Happy New Year, Iris. I’m sure glad to have “met” you and look forward to a year of good stuff (with you providing it, of course.)

  15. Leighann

    You have a gift.
    For posting pictures that can be seen as serious or inappropriate.
    Never lose this my friend.

  16. Robin

    Bravo on a year well lived!!!!! And here’s to 2012!!!!!

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