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The Lousy Lover’s Guide to Sex

Well, it’s Tuesday and that means two things:

Read me In the Powder Room

1.) I’m a little hungover from watching The Bachelor and drinking every time Ben says “journey” or one of the women does something ridiculous.

2.) I’m In The Powder Room today oversharing about something related to my Down There Lady Business.

My family is so proud.

Seriously people, you do not want to miss my column today. It’s all about S-E-X! Oooh-weee! Come on over and read it…you might learn something new, and/or feel compelled to say a prayer for my husband.

with reckless abandon and Extra Strength Advil,



  1. Lady Estrogen

    Gawd, you know how the down there lady business is my favorite! Will stop by soon 😉

  2. Glen

    I think my wife has used all of these – she’ll be gutted when she realises she’ll have to find some new ones

  3. Jennifer

    Nice post tease… I will definitely have to go check it out!

  4. Kristin @ What She Said

    If I click over there to find that you’ve turned my tweet about farting during sex into an entire post, I am going to be VERY flattered.

    • The Bearded Iris

      LOL! Sadly, I have to turn those posts in about 8 days in advance, so no…THIS one is not about farting and sex. Now next week…

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