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Holy guacamole, my sweet little funny-faced Bucket Head turns five years old today!

Here is the sentimental birthday tribute I published in his honor last year. It’s still one of my all-time favorite posts. Based on the comments, you may want to have a tissue handy.

New here and want to get to know Bucket Head better? Here are five of my favorite Bucket Head related posts for your reading pleasure:

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Thank you for being here with me to celebrate this precious and funny little boy on his special day!

with gratitude and love,


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  1. Carrie

    Sweet Mother of Mercy, that child has been a cutie from the beginning!

    Even with a big purple head.

    And once again…I see why I love you and that little Bucket Head. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, TOO!

    We’re meant to be. I just know it.

    Happy birthday, Bucket Head! May you always know the love your fab mom has for you and may I one day find a man who makes me giggle and point the way your stories do!

    • The Bearded Iris

      OMG OMG OMG OMG! How did I miss this nugget the other day?! I am woefully behind in my replies. So sorry I missed your birthday! We are practically related, and not just because you are on-call for hospital lip-gloss duty (God forbid). I hope your big day was a hoot and a half! I will part my hair in the middle today as my gift to you. Big big love to you, sister.

  2. Cynthia M

    Awww. Happy birthday to Bucket Head! I had a five-year-old once…no twice! I suppose they were both 5 at some time. It’s been a while.

  3. Kim at Let Me Start By Saying

    Happy! Happy! Biiirthday!
    Happy…HAPPY! BiiiithDAY!
    HAPPY! HAPPY! BiiiirrrrrrrrthDAAAAAYYYY!
    To you!

  4. Mere

    Oh, Bucket Head. If I could rap, I would write you a bass-heavy song (perhaps with a catchy hook by Kanye) in tribute to your curls and your pimp chalice. Let us all thank the kind and merciful Lord I can’t rap. Amen and Happy Birthday!

  5. Karin

    Happy birthday to Bucket Head! xoxox

  6. Robin

    He’s gonna break a lot of hearts one day!!! So stinkin CUTE!!!!

  7. Erica M

    Happy birthday, Bucket Head! Now off to vote for Mommy in her contest!

  8. jennifer

    Aww!!! Today is my sassypants birthday too!!! And shes 5 also! Ha! Must be something about these march 14th kids!

  9. Lisat

    So sweeeet! Happy B day little guy! I miss my kids when they were little and cute like this.

  10. Famous SpokesGoat Pricilla

    Happy Birthday to Bucket Head!!!!!

  11. julie gardner

    Happiest of days to him and to his mama, whose life changed forever the day he was born.

    (Really, it should kind of be the mom’s day too, no? I always call my mom and thank her on my birthday because the truth is, she did all the hard work. I just kind of squeezed my way out. So to speak.)

    Go, Bucket Head!

  12. L. Hewitt

    Happy Birthday to Bucket Head!

  13. Allysgrandma

    Happy birthday sweet boy!

  14. Joanne B.

    Happy Birthday Bucket Head! Twenty years from now ( I know- F O R E V E R !)
    we all hope you will find a woman who can love you like only your momma can! Just remember this- if momma doesn’t love her-forget about it! It’ll never work! As a matter of fact- just let your momma PICK out your bride- she knows too much about what YOU need and she will be sure to pick a good one! Have the BEST day ever! You are your momma’s special little man!

  15. Kathleen

    Awww! Happy Birthday Bucket Head!

  16. Martha

    Happy birthday, sweet Bucket Head!

  17. Jessica O'Neill

    Aw, I’m late, but still…Happy Birthday BH! You are a cutiepie to the Nth degree, and your mama loves you fiercely. Have a wonderful year. I look forward to hearing of your new adventures!

  18. Sleeping Mom

    Very cool! Happy birthday to your little man!

  19. Jena

    Happy birthday, Buckethead!!! Btw, is that a wine glass??? You are teaching that boy right!!! He is getting so big. Love the curls. I’m sorta prejudiced, ’cause my ‘baby’ has curls, too. Hugs sent your way!

  20. Anna

    Your son is out of control adorable! Hope he had a great birthday! I just read and love the tribute you wrote for his last birthday, the pictures are so great as well. The greatest surprise party ever – love it!

  21. Connie Weiss

    My daughter turns 5 tomorrow!

    Happy Birthday Buckethead!

  22. Heather Novak

    Hooray! You kept him alive another year!!! As a mama to a curly girl who rarely gets her mop brushed or styled, I read that one post with hope…that was soon extinguished. Thanks for all the lack of help you provide. MWAH!

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