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A Letter from My Future Self

read me in the powder roomEver wonder what your life will look like twenty years from now? Forty years from now?

What if your future self could send you a letter to prepare you for the future and possibly snap you out of making grievous mistakes before it’s too late?

Well that’s what I’m exploring in my weekly column In The Powder Room today. Join me, won’t you? I’ll bring the denture cream and Poise Pads.



  1. Julie

    Tried to go read your post from a computer at a Hilton Hotel, and the site link was blocked by their filter because: Forbidden Keyword ‘Vagina’. I guess that about sums it up! Made me laugh. Can’t wait to read when I get home!

  2. julie gardner

    If I’d known Botox caused genital tourettes…well…let’s just say I might have renewed interest in my dermatologist.

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