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Monday Morning Menagerie: Camping, Dancing, Kvetching…

Well today is THE big day some of my e-friends and I are premiering our new Summer Series #BloggersDance videos! And they are awesome. You are in for a real kick-your-boots-up treat!

Angela Shelton, author, performer, filmmaker, housecoat wearer, dancer…

However, I, uh, haven’t finished mine yet…

…on account of the fact that I went camping this past weekend, in a tent, in the woods, with 18 scout families, their extraordinarily enthusiastic children, a vengeful woodpecker, and a swarm of poisonous caterpillars. My body is so sore and tired that I might need to crawl back into bed for three more days.

So hopefully, you can catch my new dance video later today…or later this week, if I run into technical difficulties. But do come back. It will be worth it. I have guest dancers! And not just my kids and husband this time.

House TalknLet’s do this. My e-friends with superior time management skills are linking up their finery at HouseTalkN’ today. Please check ’em out! It takes a huge amount of cajones (or in my case, an underdeveloped medial frontal cortex which regulates embarrassment) to put yourself out there like this, and all these women deserve mad props!

I'm a featured blogger on Mamapedia VoicesIf you’re not in a dancing mood this early in the day, you can read the inside scoop about my Mother-in-Law which I shared at Mamapedia in honor of Mother’s Day! And maybe come back later for happy hour and dancing. You’ve got choices, that’s all I’m saying.

Have a great Monday, people. And try not to pet any poisonous caterpillars today.


Leslie (aka Iris)


  1. By Word of Mouth Musings

    You know that you are totally banned from using the jumping on the bed footage – right? Right? Clearly I need to find me some moves to be hip and cool like you!

    • Leslie Marinelli

      I’m TOTALLY using our hotel room footage. Wow, you must have been really drunk when you signed that release form. Don’t you remember?

  2. span2tr

    cajones are drawers as in ‘chest of . . .’
    cojones are . . . . well, the word you were probably looking for!

    • Leslie Marinelli

      OMG…I should probably just stick to my Mother tongue. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Ann

    Dance? I don’t think so as I’m afraid I’ll fall and break a hip, or my tumbler full of vodka and sparkling cranberry juice.

    I camped twice and I’m not the camping type as nature and I do not get along. It was also Cub Scout camp. I brought a pink Coach tote bag with a mirror and make-up. ‘Nuff said?

  4. Lisa Hewitt

    swarm of poisonous catterpillars? really?

    • Leslie Marinelli

      Yes. Really. And phone calls to Poison Control. And Benedryl. And tape. More details to come…

  5. See, just when I was feeling all cool and brave by busting out my dance moves (in public no less), you go and camp with poisonous caterpillars. Always upping the ante (and misquoting the balls). 🙂 Ellen

  6. Jef

    I shall wait in breathless anticipation of your Watusi, Leslie …

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