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The Truth about Motherhood

read me in the powder room
I’m over In The Powder Room today telling my truth about Motherhood.

It’s a little bit of everything…kind of like those three freeloaders who came out of my vagina.

See you over there, m’kay? I’ll bring the hand sanitizer, you bring the air freshener.

-Leslie (aka Iris)


  1. Kathy V.

    Wow. You made me laugh/cry. Craugh? Anyway, you made me do it. Well done!

    • snarfler

      Hey! That’s what we call it when you laugh so hard you start crying – craughing!! I coined it a few years ago – or so I thought… turns out someone urban dictionaried it and even differentiated between it and craffing

  2. Hope

    Leslie? Hi. I’m a follower but haven’t checked your site consistently. Sorry. But too bad for me, because I just had to go back and read all your recent posts to discover your real name isn’t Iris! So – hello. I feel like I know you better now. 🙂

    • Leslie Marinelli

      Hi Hope! Thanks for coming back and getting caught up on my “coming out.” Glad you’re here!

  3. Ali

    Great post…one of my favs! I laughed AND cried!

    • Leslie Marinelli

      Aw, thank you, Ali! Sweet of you to say. Thank you for reading it!

  4. julie gardner

    I think having your child tell you you’re pretty when you laugh might be the sweetest gift a mom could ever receive.

    That and a lifetime supply of bleach for the skid marks.

    So Happy Mama’s Day to you (a few days in advance), my friend.

    Cheers to the smells. Both good and bad.
    But mostly good.
    (Because we can dream, right?)

    • The Bearded Iris

      Thank you Julie, Wise Mama Friend Extraordinaire! And I have that sweet gift IN WRITING, so I can look back on it when he gets old enough to stop holding hands with me in public. *sigh*

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