Time for a master bathroom reno update!

As much as I love a good DIY project, I think I’ve cracked the code on why most people pay professionals to do major projects like bathrooms and kitchens: TIME. Unless you treat your project like it is your full time job, you are never going to finish that sucker.

It’s been three months since I removed all the excess caulk from around my old garden tub. It’s been six months since my husband and I had to start sharing our kids’ bathroom. And it’s been 3 and 1/2 years since I accidentally tore that first tiny piece of pink striped wallpaper and launched myself down this path of destruction.

But we’ve recently made some progress and things are looking up!

Remember that old cultured marble vanity top with the worn and dated brass fixtures?

Sing it with me, friends: Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

(And apologies to my neighbors for the temporary yard art. Keepin’ it Klassy, y’all.)

After numerous trips to a bunch of local granite and tile shops, I finally found a granite remnant I liked that was big enough for both my vanity and the tub backsplash. That is a huge feat for someone as indecisive as me!

But the new granite is now installed and it looks mah-velous (if I do say so myself).

What a huge difference! I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Next up: installing the new faucets and painting the walls and vanity. Wish me luck!


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