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Staying Abreast of Alternative Medicine

I’m In The Powder Room today investigating the healing properties of breast milk. Join me, won’t you?

And ERMAHGERD, this picture cracks me up. That was my sweet little Mini-Me, age 4, in her ballerina tutu, attempting to “play mommy” with her newborn brother, Bucket Head.

[photo removed by request of Mini-Me]

Kind of proves the theory that it is not what we say, but what we do that makes the biggest impression with our kids, no? Just something to think about on this glorious Monday. Now go read. Laugh. Re-lactate. Share.

With antibodies and enhanced immunity boosting,


  1. kimberley bischof

    Holy crappin’ crap-ola! Are you the mum that got banned from Facebook for posting a pic of a little girl pretending to breast? that thing went practically national! You are famous (if it was you)! Boy did it ever stir up a scandle! I pinterested and face booked a paragraph defending the right to breast and pretend play! Which just happened to put the removed pic back on facebook! haha Wonder what face book would do if I posted a pic of my 9 year old birthing a baby and 6 year old playing the mid-wife…graphically! Woot Woot!!

    • The Bearded Iris

      No, I am not that same mom. But right after that happened on Facebook one of my friends (Hi Stacey!) sent me the story because she was worried I was going to get in trouble for the photo on this page. I laughed it off and said BRING IT because I am so disturbed that anyone would be ever be offended by the sight of a four year old child emulating her mother doing something as natural and vital as breast feeding. Gawd, some people are such assholes. Thank for defending that mom though on Pinterest and FB – by doing so you defended all parents for doing what we each feel is best for our own families. 🙂

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