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Cat Pee and Clutter Concern: Oh, Grandma’s Here!

My mother came to visit last weekend.

It was lovely. It always is. She does laundry…all the way through! And she buys school clothes, and takes us all out to eat, repeatedly!

It’s so nice to have her here that I don’t even mind the fact that she bought me a book about compulsive hoarding.

I’m not even kidding.

Apparently she heard a fascinating interview about it on NPR and it reminded her of me and my life-long struggle with clutter.

I imagine that some people might get offended if someone came to visit and then gave them a book about compulsive hoarding.

Not me.

Guys? This book is rocking my face off. I always joke about being a borderline hoarder, but apparently I’ve gotten to the point where it’s not a laughing matter anymore. I have so much in common with many people who exhibit this compulsion, it is frightening. But more on that another day. (See? Classic avoidance.)

Instead, let’s discuss a different thing that happens every time my mom visits: my cat Gracie gets pissed. Literally. There is piss, loads of it, in inappropriate places.

So Gracie’s in solitary confinement and I’m In The Powder Room today weighing my options. Meet me over there and we’ll discuss.



  1. Susan

    Ha! I just had all my in-laws here for several days. The first night my mother-in-law was here my little grandaughter was making me so proud, helping me set the table (she’s not quite 3). I was hoping my mother-in-law was noticing, and she was. That’s when it happened. My little sweetie made some funny splashing noises! Yep, she made a big puddle right there by the table! I hope it doesn’t happen every time her great-grandma comes to town.

  2. Lisa Thomson

    Soooo funny. Such a cute Kitty too. Sometimes they know more than us about who’s in the house y’all. Hoarding? Really? I could write my own book on it. It’s so sweet your mother does the laundry and all that while visiting, my mom just sat and drank copious amounts of wine so much that when my daughter was 2 she could ask “More wine Grama?”

  3. Dianne

    Girl, I’m not a ‘hoarder’, this house, almost 26 yrs here isn’t big enough for all my stuff. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And to tell you the truth, I could open up my own lending library…and I go overboard with hobbies, etc. Yay, that’s me-no doctor’s office waiting room in any room here.
    Does your mom have cats at her house? Even a dog? Gracie may be marking her territory if she smells other pets. My male cat Cosmo kinda shrugs it off. He’s more into hacking up hairballs.

    • The Bearded Iris

      I can relate! I am a serial hobbiest. (Is that a word?) You name the craft, I have attempted it, and have all the supplies to show for it. I never met a scrap of anything I couldn’t “repurpose.” This book is teaching me that people like us are above intelligence and have a passion for making connections. I just need to find a way to stop avoiding the decision making that could help me create more order around here. Hoping the final chapter wraps it all up and points me in the right direction! (Fingers crossed.)

      No, my mom doesn’t have any pets (anymore.) Girlfriend has sent them all to the litter box in the sky. Just let Gracie out of solitary confinement this morning. We’ll see if that antibiotic was the answer! (Hoping!)

  4. Stacie @ Snaps and Bits

    Oh no, I think maybe I’m a hoarder too. I hate clutter, I really do but it’s so hard to deal with. The cat thing is a drag too. I don’t have that but my dog is a bit crazy at times…

  5. Meredith

    I love that not only was the book applicable for you but above all, that you weren’t offended by it–awesome. Completely awesome. So wish I could pee on things in frustration when my MIL came to visit–that might help me cope a little 😉

  6. Kathleen

    My mother just arrived yesterday! A day early! Thankfully she’s not a cat snuffer, but she did go into a Fox-news-fueled rant about 15 minutes into her visit while I closed my eyes, took deep yoga breaths, and focused on the 5th commandment. Then I poured us both a glass of wine and smiled at her. Because the woman does laundry, cooks, and loves on my kids, and she didn’t kill me when I was a teenager. If things get too tense, though, I may need to ask to borrow your cat. Actually, that’s not a bad business idea – you could rent her out to people who want to get rid of unwelcome house guests?

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