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3things-badgeI’ve recently discovered a wonderful new website (just launched in January) that I’d like to point you toward today. It’s called 3 Things for Mom and its mission is to give you a unique daily blog post that’s “short enough to read over a cup of Joe,” featuring “a truth, a tip, and a find” from a different blogger every weekday.

It’s a great place to step outside of your regular blog reading routine and find new bloggers from different niches. Plus, who doesn’t love a bite-sized tip and a favorite product recommendation every day?

Lauren, the founder and editor, invited me to contribute and my guest post is up this week. I’m sharing a truth that’s been on my mind lately (Life Lessons from a Beauty Salon–New and Improved), one of my favorite kitchen tips, and a NEW tool I’ve recently discovered for removing facial hair. (No, it’s not Magic Cream…something totally different!)

You’ll get a kick out of this – the post I originally submitted had to be slightly edited for adult content. Oh, the shame! I didn’t even use any foul language, just a little sexual innuendo, but sometimes I forget that there’s a time and a place, you know? Even minus the sex joke, it must still be funny though because one of my regular readers sent me this email:

Just read 3 Things for Mom in my inbox…did not check author prior to reading…but as I was reading it, I thought, this has to be The Bearded Iris, this is hysterical!!!! ~Stephanie

So please check it out!

You can connect with Lauren and @3ThingsforMom on Twitter and Facebook too.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with great hair, neatly cut brownies, and the ability to remove your stubborn neck hair without shedding too many tears in the process.




  1. Alison

    I just found the site a few weeks ago, it’s fab! Will head over to read yours now.

  2. Marcia Kester Doyle@Menopausal Mother

    Headed over to check out your guest post now! And btw–do the brownies have to be neatly cut if I plan on scarfing them down right out of the oven? Hey–don’t judge–I’m menopausal, dammit! 🙂

  3. KBar3

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that needs to edit herself. I love you unedited. You can pull it off either way though.

    • The Bearded Iris

      You are a doll Kari. Thank you for loving me both ways. That makes me feel all warm and tingly in my downtown area.

  4. Menopausal Mother

    Thanks for the tip—planning on heading over to the site to read your guest post. And btw, do the brownies still have to be neatly cut if you plan on scarfing them down the minute they come out of the oven? Hey, don’t judge–I’m menopausal, dammit! 🙂

  5. Alexandra

    Going to check it out now. I really love finding new blogs.

    ALSO: yes, the potty mouth. OWN IT, right?


    • The Bearded Iris

      Yes, absolutely, Alexandra! I mean, Fucking-A, sister…you know it! But this is a good example of why I struggle with that. A lot of places want to keep their site PG to appeal to a wider audience. I’m okay with that. I could turn down new opportunities that don’t want “my warts and all” or I can reel in my freak flag a little once in a while. I think it’s more important that I build my portfolio right now and have a wide array of writing samples…proving that I can do humor that isn’t always off-color (even though it is a little less instinctual for me to do it that way).

      This one is a win-win. I get to help promote a cool new concept, I get wider exposure, and I am reminded how lucky I am that a place like In The Powder Room found me and embraces me for me. That’s a gift…a fantastic, MFing gift.

      Have a great weekend, friend!

  6. Menopausalmother

    You are awesome! Going over to check out your guest post!

  7. Lauren

    So kind, Leslie. I was honored to feature you and your hilarious talent.

  8. L. Hewitt

    Thanks, going to check it out. On best behavior, promise.

  9. Terrye

    What a great idea! Thanks for passing it along! 😀

  10. Jessica

    Going to check it out, have a great weekend!

  11. Julia's Math

    You can cut brownies neatly? You are now god-like in my eyes.

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