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I put the HO in hostess gifts

Traveling this holiday season? Staying with friends or relatives? Eating a holiday meal somewhere besides your own home?

For the love, take a hostess gift! 

Just don’t make the same mistake I made once and give your hostess something she actually needs.


Was it?

A.  A Pinterest-inspired vintage blue mason jar filled with wrinkle cream, a high-powered mini-magnifying mirror, and tweezers

B.  A gift basket of various feminine deodorant products

C.  A lovingly wrapped set of parenting books including The Exorcist, How To Tell If Your Child Is a Sociopath, and Would It Kill You To Discipline That Little Asshole?

D. Something even more offensive

Read Me In the Powder Room!You’ll have to come and read my story In The Powder Room to find out (and then gasp, and then shake your head and make the tsk-tsk sound.) It’s okay. I deserve it.

See you over there.



Monkey Farts, #WeShop, and The Funniest Blog Bling EVER

I’m In The Powder Room today sharing the background story on how and why I chose to let my kids smell like farts.

I just love a good fart story, don’t you?

We Shop Founding Member

That post is also your personal introduction to an incredible new e-commerce experience we are beta-testing at In The Powder Room called WeShop. Finally, blogging and shopping can be combined in a way that is mutually beneficial for the blogger, the vendor, and the shopper.

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