I like to tinker in the kitchen. It’s like a chem lab, without the hard homework.

I’m also pretty frugal, so if I can save a buck, I will. That means I can get very creative with leftovers. And the bigger the challenge, the better (I don’t get out much.) Finding new and interesting ways to do fabulous things with the least amount of effort and cost truly makes my heart sing. In other words, I’m cheap, smart, bored, and lazy…but I’m good at sharing.

Here are some of my best kitchen tips and stories:

No more stinky hands!

frozen blob of chipotle pepper puree

Frozen chipotle puree blobs

Make perfect bacon!

Ew! I'm holding it! The things I do for you people.

Got pantry moths/weevils?





How to Cut Brownies

Keep apple slices fresh.







If you’ve got a kitchen dilemma you’d like help solving, leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you find an answer! Help a sister out. It will give me something to do besides anal-retentively cut paper thin apple slices for my gastronomically challenged children.

Yours truly,