Once upon a time there was a fabulous contest for blogging crafters with dirty minds. We called it Craft Whores.

And there were celebrity judges, and sponsors and prizes. Oh my!

One day, we opened our doors and encouraged naughty crafters to link up their inappropriate blog posts.

A week later, there was a final call for procrastinating craft whores far and wide.

And then the judging began.

This was no easy feat! Who knew there was so much randy-craftiness pent up in the blogosphere?

Finally, the winners were announced.

And prizes were disbursed (eventually).

And everyone who participated walked away with a lovely badge and the bragging rights that they were indeed twisted enough badass mofos.

If you are one of those 27 brave and crafty souls, please claim your bragging rights below:

For winners:

Craft Whores Badass Mofo Badge






craft whores wiener badge






And because everyone who participated is a winner in our book: 

Craft Whores Twisted Badge






Craft Whores I Went There Badge