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Our Master Bathroom Renovation

My suburban cookie-cutter home was built in 1993 by a bunch of yahoos who left numerous peach pits and Budweiser cans in our ducts as a house warming gift. I only know that because we had the ducts professionally cleaned when we first bought this house 9 years ago.

Remember 1993? Can you believe that was really 20 years ago?! Back then the mainstream decorating trend (at least here in the south) included mauve and shiny brass as far as the eye could see. And my master bathroom is like a time capsule of that era.

Well, I got sick of taking care of my daily ablutions in a room that looked like something straight off the set of Mama’s Family, so my husband and I are currently (and very slowly) updating our master bathroom.



You can read all about our progress in the following posts:

…and that’s how childhood trauma led to my bad ass DIY skills.

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The one in which I use the word CAULK as much as possible.

Making progress in our master bathroom renovation! (new granite counter top!)

My husband hates my new knobs.

We’ve come a long way since the dry wall repair:

after drywall repairs and priming

Here’s where we are right now:

master bath reno in progress by The Bearded Iris

To see more photos of the vanity remodel, please visit this Facebook photo album.

I also have a Master Bath Ideas Pinterest board dedicated to collecting some of my favorite master bath decorating ideas, inspirations, and tips.

Stay tuned! I hope to finish this remodel sometime before my children leave for college. Wish me luck.



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    The renovation looks wonderful, Leslie. The stylish black drawers are particularly satisfying.

  2. home builders gold coast

    The new renovation looks fabulous, Leslie. I’m sure you’re very proud of the final outcome. 🙂

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