I’m not just a pretty (funny) face, y’all. I can wreck a kitchen like nobody’s bidness. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite recipes and recipe links. Salud!

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how to make awesome turkey gravy for thanksgiving by The Bearded Iris.com The Art of Making Perfect Turkey Gravy




corn casserole by the bearded iris Carla’s Corn Casserole




thanksgiving pot pie by the bearded iris

Thanksgiving Pot Pie




Raw Kale Salad

Perfect Bacon

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños

Jeweled Rice Salad (link)

Roasted Kale Chips

Grilled Lamb (link)

Vajazzled Valentine Vulvas

BBQ Pork Butt Sammies






Homemade Cocoa Mix

Best B-Day Cake Ever!


Corn and Shrimp Chowder

Authentic Guacamole