Dear God,

I know I promised you that I would stop with the Lego sorting if you would just give me another chance to appreciate my daughter more while she is still a little girl. I’m sorry I went back on my end of the bargain by sorting Legos yesterday. If I could just explain though: I committed said sorting with my daughter and mother as a multi-generational bonding activity and it was really quite lovely until Mini-Me got bored and started to play the keyboard right next to us at a deafening volume, even after I requested she stop. Naturally, I had no choice but to shout at her, make the “Imma-Disgusta” face, and banish her from the play room. I’m sure you can understand, given your similar reaction with your own recalcitrant children, Adam and Eve. The good news is that we are officially done with sorting process and now I can go to Ikea and purchase the mack-daddy of storage systems and get back to my promise to stop with the obsessive compulsive organizing. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your unconditional love and acceptance, and I pray that you will continue to be a good role model for me so that I can someday learn how to not be such a royal bitch.

A rainbow of temporary bliss (and/or insanity).

Sincerely yours,


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