Yesterday was “Muffins with Mommy” at Bucket Head’s preschool.

There were muffins.

There were Mommies.

And there was a presentation in which the preschool teachers took turns reading aloud each child’s previously transcribed responses to the “My Wonderful Mommy” questionnaire.

The teachers swear there was no coaching and that they honored the children’s exact words.

Want to know a secret about my Mommy?

"Want to know a secret about my Mommy?"



The basic template for the questionnaire is something like this:

1.) My mother is the ______________ mother in the whole world.

2.) My mother can ______________ better than anyone else.

3.) She is also very good at ________________.

4.) My mother’s favorite thing in the whole world is ______________.

5.) My mother works very hard ______________.

6.) When my mother’s work is done, she likes to ________________.

7.) She looks especially nice when she wears her ________________.

As you can well imagine, this little activity is nothing short of a recipe for total heart-melting cuteness and/or utter humiliation.

Boy howdy, the moms sure did learn a lot about each other yesterday. And because I’m a giver, I’d like to share some of our secrets with you in the form of these darling cards I made especially for the occasion at - Gee, Timmy, I'm glad I don't have the only Mom in our class who is really good at forgetting stuff. - My Mommy likes to take lots of naps on the couch. - My Mommy is really skinny. She likes to exercise, drink special juice, and clean things. - Mom, how'd you get so darn good at doing those donkey kicks? - Your daughter is right. You DO look your best when you're not naked. - Sorry your kid told everyone at school that


So yeah. Teachers of young children know a lot more about us than we realize. Note to self: give extra special teacher gifts this year.

very nervously yours,


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