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Three cheers for boobs!

Who doesn’t love boobies?!

NOBODY, that’s who.

I myself am a big fan, as you probably already know, based on the number of blog posts and now a bestselling short story I’ve written about my yaboes.

In fact, I interrupt this blog post for an important message: BREASTS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Big or small, (or in my case—one of each), old or new, shaken or stirred, boobs rock. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, can tell me otherwise.

Which is why I am so disturbed about women being told to stop breastfeeding in public.

The following is my opinion about breasts, nursing, and Chick-fil-A-Holes. Warning, there is bad language (from me) and shockingly offensive intolerance (from others). Read at your own risk.

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The mother of embarrassing moments

I’m In The Powder Room today sharing my most embarrassing moment. Well, one of them, anyway. It’s a doozy. Come see for yourself. People are already thanking me in the comments over there for making them feel better about themselves. Ah, what can I say? It’s a gift.

And speaking of embarrassing moments, we’re offering a two-for-one special at In The Powder Room today!

Remember my friend Kerry from HouseTalkN? She’s the one who created the #bloggersdance party. We met in person at the Haven Conference in Atlanta last June. She’s a hoot! LOVE HER.

Kerry and Leslie at the Haven blog conference last June.

Well I brought her In The Powder Room with me today to share one of her most embarrassing moments too.

Birds of a feather, and all that, you know.

See you over there!


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