Fellow parents, do your children have boundless energy? Are you tired of shouting “Put that down/don’t touch that/quit jumping on that/how many times have I told you not to play ball in the house?!” Have you ever wished you could place your wild child in a giant plastic hamster ball and let them safely run themselves ragged?

Well have I got the product for you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to present: Euro Bobble.

That’s right. I kid you not. You can pay cash money to have your child zipped into a giant plastic bubble. Unfortunately, it is only temporary as the carnies running the joint keep a strict 5 minute timer. But still. Best $7 (per kid) I ever spent. Ever.

We found this modern marvel at a mall called Discover Mills in Lawrenceville GA. Coincidentally, it is located just outside of an Airsoft shooting range.

Check out Mini-Me… she is so coordinated and strong that she could actually stand up in the damn thing and run like a rabid hamster on a mission.

Nature Boy wanted to try that too!




Actually, he preferred the “Crocodile Death Roll” move:

Followed by his signature stance: “The Hammock”:

It was almost as much fun to watch the spectators as it was to watch the kids. Check these two out. I’m imagining grandma over there thinking: “Aw hell no. That girl is crazy!” And the dude in the red shirt is catching it on his cell phone to prove to his friends at home that he actually once saw someone get up and run in one of those things.

… for about 2 seconds. Followed by:

“The Face Plant.”

But a safe face plant. As you can see, no children or bystanders were hurt in this process:

"That was SO awesome!"


Followed by:


“Please, can we do it again?!”


Naturally the answer was no.


"Aw, man."


To which I replied: “Oh Puh-lease/Don’t start/Just be thankful…” What kind of Euro-Device do they make to deal with that?

Yours truly,


© Copyright 2011, The Bearded Iris