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Love It, List It, or Laugh About It…

Summer is in full swing here and I’ve been busier than a cross-eyed air traffic controller.

Aside from having the three kids home all the time for summer vacation and being very absorbed with a huge work project for my other home, In The Powder Room.com, I’ve also been overseeing a pretty massive home improvement project. No, it’s not the master bathroom that I still haven’t finished. (Shameful.) We finally bit the bullet and hired professionals to put new siding on our house and do some upgrades to our homely front porch.

We’ve been in this house for 10 years and had never done anything to the exterior other than rip out all the overgrown meatball-shaped foundation shrubs that were covering all the windows on the main level.

Love-It-or-List-It-David-and-HillaryThe time had come for us to Love It or List It. And since Hilary and David probably weren’t going to show up and help me make that decision, I would have to take matters into my own ginormous hands and start making some improvements.

Either way, new siding and paint were a must.

The construction started almost one month ago on May 13th, the day after Mother’s Day. I’ll never forget that date because it was sooner than I was expecting it to start and I was not ready with my color choices.

The pressure! 

I did NOT want to be that house that neighbors walk by and shake their heads about, whispering “Bless her heart. She must have damaged her optic nerves in that tragic snapping turtle incident.”

So I obsessed.

And I spent more time on Pinterest than I did attending to my personal hygiene.

And I consulted experts such as contractors/decorators/friends/family/voices in my head.

And I spent more money and time on sample quarts than I’m prepared to admit.

And after probably way too much deliberation, I finally picked my color scheme!

“Hooray! This is going to be AWESOME!” I thought. After all, I picked the ‘perfect neutral’ according to several reviews on Houzz.com.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, which has been very disappointing.

Talk about first world problems…

I just had my house painted and don't like the color - waaaaah by The Bearded Iris

The painting is not even done yet, so I can’t show you pictures just yet. Maybe it will all magically come together and I will feel silly for being so upset that I just spent so much money making my house look like a giant nutsack.

At least I’m that much closer to having my next color scheme mapped out for the repainting we’ll have to do five years from now. (#SilverLining)

See? I’m almost to the acceptance phase of the grieving process.

Right now, I’m in the “look for the funny” phase, which is what my people do to survive unspeakable things like tragic loss and decorating mistakes.

So please join me over In The Powder Room today to find out Why I’ll never be hired by Sherwin Williams. Spoiler alert: penis.

See you over there.


Home Decorating Mistakes I Won’t Make Twice

Time for a DIY master bathroom remodel update:

The Gatekeeper and I spent a good chunk of last weekend priming our newly replastered walls and ceiling. (Not a euphemism.) The room is a totally blank canvas now with smooth white walls and it looks SO MUCH better than it did before with that fugly Candy Striper themed 80s wallpaper!


during wall & ceiling repair with plaster

the sanding phase

after drywall repairs and priming

Next up: choosing a solid surface countertop to replace the nasty cultured marble vanity top. I finally feel like we are making progress in this remodel from hell. Good thing too, because the kids are pretty sick of sharing their little bathroom with the two old hairy people who keep clogging the tub/shower drain with our repulsive shedding. I do declare, I pulled something out of that drain on Saturday that poor little Bucket Head thought was a dead Mama squirrel. Good times.

Anyhooooo, speaking of DIY home remodeling and decorating, I’m over In The Powder Room today sharing my deep thoughts about decorating mistakes I won’t make twice. Maybe you can learn from my trials and errors and save yourself a buck or two.*



*That post was written before the infamous “poo on the walls” incident from last week…otherwise I would have added another bullet point about someone needing to invent antibacterial wall paint.

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