When tackling any project, big or small, it helps to have support.

That’s why ten days ago when I was staring at The Pile in my bedroom and feeling totally overwhelmed, I headed for Twitter.

And not just to catch up on the latest musings by someecards, although that’s always a nice distraction. (I especially enjoyed their 11 best unintentionally sexual church signs.)

No, that particularly cold and frightening day in my bedroom, I tweeted a picture of The Pile to my favorite organizational guru Laura, THE Org Junkie.

And you know what? That divine woman gave me the just-in-time pearl of wisdom I needed to succeed at my project.

@TheBeardedIris If you hesitate when trying to decide whether or not to keep something, let it go.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

[Seriously. How cool is that?! If you have yet to discover the wonders of Twitter, get on the stick, man. It is fabulous. And when you get there, look me up! I’m @TheBeardedIris.]

So with Laura’s specific organizational tip on my mind, I got to work tackling my hellish pile. And I was ruthless about it.

I got a fresh cup of coffee, pressed play on my favorite shake-your-groove-thing playlist, and started dividing that pile into smaller piles of similar items. Just in case we have a failure to communicate, here is one more before shot of this particular pile in question:

And here is a shot of the sorting in progress:

Which I was able to whittle down to this:

"Mend" and "Goodwill"

To be honest, I probably won’t mend most of that stuff… it will either get tossed, turned into rags, or donated somewhere. But I felt compelled to separate it out first so I could evaluate the different groups of CRAP cluttering up my dumping ground bedroom.

When it was all said and done, here is what I found under that original pile:

Damn. Look at that! My grandmother’s antique hope chest. Isn’t it purdy? Maybe I should put stuff IN in, instead of ON it. Der. Sometimes I wonder how I even function. I mean really.

By the end of the week I had a new pile… in my driveway waiting for the friendly guys from a local charity to pick it up and take it to their thrift shop. Boo-yah! Did you catch that? There are charities that will COME TO YOUR HOUSE. It just doesn’t get any easier than that, people.

I was feeling pretty good about myself for conquering that pile and having two big bags of less clutter. And THEN, I read a wonderful post titled Five Strategies for Decluttering, in which my friend and decluttering muse Megan suggests envisioning the people who may need and use the things we donate to charity. I was SO inspired by it, that I ran into my garage and started pulling out more things to add to my charity pickup. It looked like it might rain so I had to move it all to the front porch, but look at how my pile multiplied:

All in all, it was a great week for decluttering at the Beard Bungalow! I hope your projects were equally successful and that you have blessed many others with your abundant donations.

I can hardly believe it’s already week 17 of Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks project!  This week Laura is offering tips on switching out your seasonal clothes. Check it out and then go tackle your closet with us!

sincerely yours, and now with less bedroom clutter,


© Copyright 2o11, The Bearded Iris.