Let’s put 60 seconds on the clock and see how many jokes we can come up with for this fine product my 12 year old son put in my shopping cart last week:

pic of a bottle of Pat's Ho-Made BBQ Sauce

1.) Typos before hos.

2.) Oh look honey, your cousin Pat and his girlfriend went into business together!

3.) “How’d this gold tooth get in my BBQ sauce?”

4.) I knew it! That androgynous Pat character from SNL is a DUDE! And he likes chicks…chicks who know how to cook, apparently.

5.) Too legit…too legit to quit (stirring my sauce).

6.) How much longer do you think she’s gonna cook for you if you keep calling her that, asshat!

7.) Speaking of asshats…Pat’s Ho-Made BBQ Sauce, bottled and distributed by Rush Limbaugh and Associates.

8.) I’m saucy and I know it.

9.) Pat’s Motto: I like my BBQ sauce like I like my women: hot, sweet, and makes me burn a little when I put it on my dingaling.

Okay that’s all I got.

Help a sister out, yo.