When I could no longer hide the tears from my family yesterday, I found myself alone in the yard, feeling helpless, and desperately seeking signs of beauty in this world.

It wasn’t easy.

It was cold, and gray, and damp. And my heart was so very heavy.

But I was determined.

Desperately seeking signs of beauty by the Bearded Iris 2

Normally not a fan of dandelions, I couldn’t help but now see this lone puff ball through the eyes of a joyous 6-year-old. I made a wish and scattered the seeds. (I can’t tell you my wish or it won’t come true.)

desperately seeking signs of beauty by The Bearded Iris

Looking up, in spite of the gray sky, or maybe because of it, the buds on the Bradford Pear trees hold the promise of spring.

Turning the corner, I noticed one last green leaf still clinging to one of my favorite Forsythia bushes, amidst numerous golden buds.

The words appeared in my mind as if on cue: strength, resilience, promise, hope.

There is still beauty in this world. We just have to work a lot harder to find it right now.

Sending strength hope and love to the people of Newtown Connecticut from The Bearded Iris

Please look for it. Love others. Spread seeds of joy and promise everywhere you go. The people of Newtown and beyond need that from us right now.

For more strength, love, and promise, please join me and my dear friend Lerner In The Powder Room today as “we carry each other out of the hurt.”

With love and hope,