Sorry folks, but we need a couple more days to tally the votes for the Craft Whores contest. This is our first link-up partay, and the judging has turned out to be a little more challenging than we thought it would be!

As a consolation prize while you wait, let’s talk about Words With Friends.

It’s the Scrabble knock-off that’s one of the hottest games on the Internet these days.

Are you playing?

I play every day. It’s how I keep my brain so sharp. (Where are my fucking keys?! Dammit!)

And one thing I’ve noticed is that this game is totally misogynistic.

How else do you explain that vagina-related words like queef, cunt, and clit are unacceptable words but dong, balls, fart, and wang are fine?

Clearly, the creators of WWF prefer sausage to eggs. I’m just saying.

Look, I’m not making this up. Here’s a screen shot from one of my recent games:

The hell? My opponent, thoova, played the word FART, and then when I tried to play the female equivalent, I was DENIED. Total double standard.

So annoying. Good Q words are hard to come by.

At least TWAT is an acceptable word. Score one for the pink team.

Anyhooo. These are things my WWF comrades and I complain about on the Twitter in between moves.

And that’s where you can usually find me during coffee breaks in the morning and commercial breaks at night. My username is “The Bearded Iris” if you’re looking for a WWF partner with the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy.

More soon on the Craft Whores contest. Damn, if y’all hadn’t linked up such awesome crafts, this would have been so much easier to judge. I blame you and your vagtastic crafts, really.

With QI, JO, and ZA,